Lolovivi is a chic, contemporary line of fine jewelry

Lolovivi is a chic, contemporary line of fine jewelry

Lolovivi is a chic, contemporary line of fine jewelry that was created to meet the needs of today’s fashion oriented jewelry buyers, and to represent the idea that love of our planet, and of each other is the most important message of our time.

We offer solid gold and sterling silver jewelry styled with beautiful carbon neutral lab grown diamonds and created white sapphires to achieve a high style look, at a great price. Lolovivi jewelry is all handcrafted and exquisitely made so our customers can have the high quality jewelry they expect. We are the only designer line of fine jewelry that uses 100% carbon neutral lab grown diamonds which we do because of our commitment to addressing the climate crisis in any way we can, and because we want our jewelry to be a great value for our customers. We also only use CVD or Chemical Vapor Deposition diamonds, the only lab grown diamonds that are identical to natural diamonds in chemical makeup, internal structure, and physical properties. Carbon neutral diamonds are made by pulling carbon from the atmosphere and are therefore the only diamonds that help to address the climate crisis.

Our casually elegant jewelry is designed to be worn day to night and to be all gender. As you can see on our website and in our social media, Lolovivi looks great on a wide range of people, regardless of personal style. Each piece of our jewelry carries the Lolovivi motif which if you look closely, is actually two artistically rendered, intertwined hearts. The motif symbolizes love, the most powerful emotion we as human beings can experience and share. For some of our customers, the motif represents the love they feel for the people in their lives, and for others, it symbolizes a broader message of love for the planet, and for humankind. 

We believe Lolovivi has the power to express love, and to make people feel beautiful and we are proud to bring our jewelry to our customers in a way that benefits the planet and future generations.

Great Style. Great Value. Great for the Planet.

What could be better than that?

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