A motif born of hope and love

A motif born of hope and love

Lolovivi’s logo, which also appears as a motif on all of our jewelry, was born from the turmoil of 2020. During the pandemic, and in the aftermath of the killing of George Floyd, our team realized that what the world needed was to be brought together. It seemed like there was too much anger and conflict and not enough love in the world. I wish I could say that things are entirely different now,  but 2023 proved to be another year when age-old prejudices and divisions were ever more powerful. 

This notion of bringing people together has always been important to me. I was raised to believe that we all need to do whatever we can to make the world a more equal and just place. From the conversations my parents had at the dinner table and the work they did, to the organizations I led in high school and beyond, and up until today, I have worked for these values. My own nuclear family, diverse in terms of race, religion, and sexual orientation, is another reason I’m motivated to bring different kinds of people together by focusing on our shared humanity.

The logo we created is two artistically rendered joined hearts. Our incredibly talented graphic artist took the team’s input and came up with the design that you see today. The colors are also very important and speak to the qualities of Lolovivi. We incorporated yellow gold because we’re a jewelry company and nothing is more popular and enduring in jewelry than yellow gold! Black represents the urban, sleek, contemporary nature of our designs and white is symbolic of simplicity and perfection. This combination of colors represents a complete expression of Lolovivi’s aesthetic.


Some people see hearts when they look at the motif but others see a knot. Either way, the symbolism is the same– we’re all interconnected and the love that binds us together is the greatest of all powers. It’s stronger than hate, division, or prejudice. We also love the meaning that the motif has in our personal lives. For most of us, there’s nothing more important than the love we feel for our spouse/partner, children, parents, and friends. Wearing a piece of Lolovivi jewelry can represent that more global idea of love or the specific love we feel in our personal lives, or as is the case for me, both.

It wasn’t a big leap to get to our company's tagline: United by Love. These words are just the written representation of the motif. Together the motif and the tagline are the very essence of Lolovivi. I feel so lucky to be able to create beautiful jewelry for our customers and to bring a message of love and unity to the world.

As always,
United by love,


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