Our Story

Lolovivi was brought to life by the serendipitous connection between the vision of Nancy Street,
and the artistry of Ron Rosen


Entrepreneur, creator and builder. Passionate about creating a more inclusive, and loving world for all. 

“I’ve spent a lifetime using my creativity to invent and build things. Everything from food products to financial service  to storytelling apps. Meeting Ron gave me the chance to blend that experience with my love of jewelry and fashion. And so, our beautiful Lolovivi was born. I’ve also always believed that we should all do what we can to make the world a more just and loving place, and Lolovivi allows me to do that too.”


RON ROSEN (DESIGNER, PARTNER):  After graduating from the Rhode Island School of Design I started a small designer jewelry business that grew into a national brand among fashionable fine jewelry collectors.

"When I met Nancy, the opportunity presented itself to combine her shrewd business instincts with my artistic talent and experience to create  Lolovivi, a contemporary brand with modern and often unconventional 
ideas we have turned into a reality."

Our passion is creating jewelry that is innovative, exquisitely designed, expertly crafted and that has meaning and power beyond its outer beauty. Lolovivi's  eclectic, collectible capsule wardrobe is designed to express the inner and outer self, as each of us was created to be. We strive to make jewelry that is confidently open minded and makes everyone feel beautiful just the way they are.   

All of our jewelry carries the signature Lolovivi motif which represents the love we feel for the people in our lives, and our belief in a more loving and inclusive world.We hope Lolovivi inspires people to celebrate their own individuality, diversity in all its forms, and to embrace each other’s uniqueness and differences.

5% from every sale is donated to organizations working to create a world where all are included and accepted.

United In Love,
Nancy Street and Ron Rosen

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