Jewelry Care

We get asked all the time about
the best way to protect your jewelry.

The truth is that the rules are the
same for all of your jewelry.

None of us adhere to these rules 100%
of the time but the more you do,
the more you will extend the life of your jewelry.

  1.  Keep your Jewelry Dry! It’s tempting to leave your jewelry on for the beach or pool. If you’re sunbathing or looking fab poolside that might be ok, but saltwater and chlorine are terrible for your jewelry. Even taking a shower in your jewelry can damage it.
  2. Wear gloves or take your jewelry off before doing chores. Chlorine isn’t the only chemical that’s harmful to your jewelry. Dish and laundry soap and other cleaners with chemicals can react with the metals and gems causing discoloration. 

  3. Don't use metal polish on your jewelry. Polishes are too harsh for the finish of your jewelry. A very soft toothbrush, natural soap, water and a  polishing cloth is all you need. Most jewelry stores, if you purchased products from them, will be happy to clean your jewelry for free. Your jewelry sparkling brightly on you is a jeweler’s best advertising.

  4. Put your jewelry on after you've finished using beauty products. Don’t put lotions, perfumes, hair products or hair spray on while your jewelry is on. 

  5. Finish getting dressed first and put your jewelry on afterwards. Conversely take your jewelry off before getting undressed. This will prevent it from snagging your clothes and  bending or breaking.

  6. When not in use, store your jewelry in a safe place. Doing so will protect your jewelry from denting and scratching.

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