From Our CEO

My modern American family is central to the inspiration for Lolovivi. Our family is diverse in many ways- race, religion and sexual orientation - which is why I’m passionate about the need to create a world that is more inclusive, just, and most of all, loving. The Lolovivi motif, representing our belief in a more loving and just world, appears on all of our jewelry. Sometimes the motif is central to the design of the piece and sometimes it’s more subtle, but it’s always there. My hope is that you will wear the motif as a symbol of love for the people in your life, and as a commitment to a more accepting and inclusive world. To do our part in furtherance of this goal, Lolovivi donates 5% of all profits to organizations that work for harmony,  justice and equality for all.

Our jewelry is innovative, exquisitely designed and expertly crafted. Lolovivi’s eclectic, collectible capsule wardrobe is designed to express the inner and outer self, as each of us was created to be. We strive to make jewelry that is confidently open minded and makes everyone feel beautiful just the way they are.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to share our collection with you.

United in Love,


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