Our Metals


GOLD -  14K / 18K gold is the premium standard in the jewelry industry worldwide. This is because there is more pure gold in 18K gold than in 14K gold. They are both alloys and have other metals mixed in to improve durability. 18k gold is approximately 75% pure gold and 14K gold is approximately 59% pure gold. In many parts of the world, and especially in Europe, 18K is expected by fine jewelry consumers. Lolovivi is proud to also offer many of our products in 14K gold, as we know some customers want the freedom from worry so that they can feel comfortable adding our pieces to their everyday wardrobe.

From an aesthetic perspective, because 18k gold is purer, it has a richer, more appealing yellow color than 14K yellow gold color. Both 14K and 18K gold are beautiful choices and we encourage our customers to select the alloy that most excites them. 

BLACK SILVER - One of the design elements that distinguishes the Lolovivi line is our use of Black Silver. The scientific term for our Black Silver is “Ruthenium”, which is a rare group metal. We love the look of black in our designs and we always want to be sure that the entirety of every piece of Lolovivi jewelry is made with premium metals. 

STERLING SILVER - Silver jewelry can be fabulously stylish and we love to incorporate it into our designs. When we do, we always use the finest 925 Sterling Silver available.  The composition of 925 Sterling Silver is 92.5 percent silver and 7.5 percent alloy. Alloying silver with additional metals is the process that produces sterling silver, making it stronger and more durable. Other, lesser types of silver have lower percentages of silver and higher concentration of alloy materials.  True 925 Sterling Silver is more expensive but if you want silver jewelry that will last, 925 Sterling Silver is unquestionably the best choice.