From The Founder

From The Founder

Dear Lovely People,

As the Founder of Lolovivi, I’m so grateful to everyone who has taken the time to learn about or purchase our jewelry.

The inspiration for Lolovivi came from my family. We’re a diverse modern American family–black, white, Christian, Jewish, gay and straight. Our family lives the idea that love can exist among all of us and our differences only make us more beautiful. When we started Lolovivi we wanted to make fabulous, contemporary jewelry but we also wanted the jewelry to have power and meaning beyond its outer beauty. We decided on the name Lolovivi because it so perfectly represents what our company, jewelry and mission are all about. L olovivi is a non-gendered African name that means "there's always love."

Every piece of our jewelry carries the signature Lolovivi motif – two artistically rendered hearts woven together, representing love and connection. We hope that you will wear the jewelry as a statement of your support for love, inclusion and equality. I hope knowing that you’re wearing a piece of jewelry that has meaning beyond its spectacular beauty makes you feel great. To help spread that statement of love and support, we donate a portion of every purchase of a piece of Lolovivi jewelry to organizations that are working to make the world more inclusive and equal. 

We know that fine jewelry is a luxury, but it's also an investment in something of lasting value, and something that can make someone feel beautiful, treasured and special. So we believe that rather than being frivolous, it has real value, especially when it’s imbued with larger meaning. This is why we say Lolovivi is luxury you can feel good about. It’s also why it’s my life’s work. I hope you’ll find a piece of Lolovivi jewelry that makes you or someone you care about feel beautiful, and that we inspire you to make the world a more beautiful and love-filled place for all.

It brings me joy to see that our jewelry is worn in both traditional and unexpected ways and that, in 2023, in much of the world, you are free to be exactly who you are meant to be. I also love that our jewelry appeals to a wide range of people and personal styles, which you can see on  our website and in our social media. Most of our models are our friends and family, a diverse group of real people looking fabulous and feeling good about wearing Lolovivi because of what it means to them. 

Forever United in Love,
Nancy Street 



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